Lion, Plainsgame,Elephant hunting Safaris in Limpopo South Africa

  • >  Which Airline should I use ?

    Delta and South African Airlines have direct flights departing from Atlanta, New York and Washington DC.  It is advisable not to travel through Europe if you are bringing your own firearms.  South Africa has recently implemented new travel regulations for minors, therefore consult with your travel agent should you have children accompanying you on your safari.

  • >  What are my Passport and Visa Requirements for South Africa ?

    You will need a valid passport that has at least two blank open pages for your visa stamps.  These are issued at no cost on arrival at Johannesburg International Airport.   Consult with your travel agency on all updated travel requirements and suitable routes.

  • >  What Firearms and Ammunition would I require ?

    A rifle in the .30 calibre is recommended for plains game and a minimum .375 will be needed for all dangerous game.   Rifles are available to rent from Old Days Safaris.  Hunting conditions on the 19 000 hectare reserve is often in thick bush, resulting in close range shooting, therefore a slow caliber with a heavy point is recommended.   40 – 60  Rounds of ammunition per caliber would be sufficient and we recommend bonded points like Barnes X and Swift A-Frame.

  • >  How do I get from the Airport to the Lodge ?

    We recommend that you book a short connecting flight from Johannesburg International Airport to Phalaborwa Airport where your guide will meet you.  The drive from the airport to the lodge is 15 minutes.   Alternatively, the drive from Johannesburg to the lodge would be 5 hours at a cost of $500 per vehicle.

  • >  What is the Currency in South Africa ?

    The South African Rand is used.  Generally it is not necessary to exchange dollars into Rands as most places accept credit cards and gratuities can be paid in Dollars.

  • >  Is there Wi-fi and Cellular coverage at the lodge ?

    Yes,  Wi-fi and Cellular service is available with your own devices.  Remember however to activate international roaming with your service provider prior to your departure.

  • >  What will the Weather be like in my hunting area ?

    Suitable hunting months are from April to October and this is generally during the dry season with no rainfall.  The mornings and evenings are cooler and temperatures generally range from a maximum of 75 – 90 deg.F  starting at around 40 deg.F in the mornings.

  • >  Will I need a Electrical converter for my devices ?

    The power supply in South Africa is 220V.  The US is 110V.  Hairdryers will not work and are therefore provided in your room.  Electrical converters can be purchased at most airports before your departure.

  • >  Do I need Insurance and Medical cover ?

    We recommend that you arrange for your own personal, travel, all-risks, hunting and medical insurance.  Should any unforeseen incident occur, there is a suitable hospital in the area about 15 minutes away.

  • >  Can I drink the tap water ?

    The water at the lodge is suitable to drink.  Bottled water is however available, should you prefer.

  • >  Do I need to take Malaria precautions ?

    Although no vaccinations are required for South Africa, we recommend that you consult with your physician in terms of Prophylactics for malaria areas, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Tetanus.

  • >  What should I tip my PH, Tracker and skinner ?


    Although tips are not compulsory, it is considered good etiquette to give gratuities for the services provided.

    We would recommend the following as guidelines :

    PH   $800 - $1000

    Tracker  $150 - $200

    Skinner  $100 - $150

    Camp staff $300 - $400  (divided between 8 – 10 staff)


  • >  Are there Activities available should I bring my family ?

    Yes, we offer a variety of activities ranging from day trips to the Kruger National Park to Elephant back safaris and late afternoon river sunset cruises.  Walks, game drives, sunset dinners and picnics are also arranged.

  • >  How will my trophies to handled and exported to me ?

    We will ensure that your trophies are delivered to the local taxidermist of your choice, where they will be dipped and packed or mounted to be shipped to your country.

    (Refer to “After the Hunt” for more details)


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